Windvd aacs key is updating

The Win DVD BD for VAIO is an Intervideo(pre-Corel) version.

It refused to play any of my newer discs, so I replaced it with Corel Win DVD 9 Plus Blu-ray. and Power DVD 8 Ultra, and Arc Soft Total Media Theatre. Win DVD 8 came preinstalled with a new Sony VAIO VGNAR825E I purchased yesterday.

However the program itself just keeps saying the AACS key is updating and warns not to close the software until the update is complete.

I don't want to risk damagaing anything and corel will not provide support on oem software (which i personally find to be shockingly poor customer service).

You will need to buy the upgrade if you want to use Win DVD. This site is temporarily unavailable while we perform routine maintenance.

一時的にサービスが利用できません。時間を変えて再度お試しください。If you have an older version, it likey won't play the newer blu-ray discs. I'm pretty sure that they are not supporting the older versions.

Sony's support said if you select no to many times, you will get a Error 10 message. After all that, I got to the point where Corel says I'm downloading the latest key but it just hangs there. So I was finally able to update the AACS key (by running it as the Administrator) on my Sony VAIO.

After reading several other forums, I opened Win DVD as the Administrator by right-clicking the application. However, I put in My Bloody Valentine blu ray and it first tells me "this title has no mouse support" or something to that effect and that I have to either use a remote or the keyboard, and then the movie doesn't even start. Run Win DVD BD as an Administrator - go to All Progtams and right-click on Win DVD BD for Vaio and choose 'Run as Administrator'. When the prompt warns the AACS keys need renewing, click on Yes, sign into the Corel site and it should download OK.

Hi I tried playing a Blu-ray for the first time in my new laptop (Sony Vaio VGB-AR630E) and the WINDVD program said it had to update the AACS key (whatever that is).

I clicked to go ahead and was directed to the Corel website to register and once i had the Key said it was successfully downloaded.

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I bought Total Media Theater and like it much better than Corel and Cyberlink.

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