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It’s basically going to be when it comes to that time and whoever we’re working with if it seems like a good idea than that’s where the money is going to go.

That’s basically all I care about is just getting this part done by the end of the year and having it be up to my standards.The thing about having success at such an early age is that many people have a tendency to let it get to their heads.They end up forgetting where they came from, forgetting the people that got them to where they are and often times, forgetting the very people that gave them the shot.Like, I used to be into wearing all black and stuff like that, but I probably won't be going out and getting full tattoos ...Ryan Sheckler has been skating with Oakley since he was seven-years-old.

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Let that settle in for a minute, and then think about what you were doing at seven.

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  1. Her reps deny any intimate relationship though..now. Va$htie is a hustler’s hustler, an artist’s artist, and a Honey’s girl girl- all while staying fly from day to night. Like I’ve said, I hope they are in their country with that. Her and Pharrell were in a relationship for 5 years. She is well known in the NYC scene for throwing weekly parties called Open together with Q-Tip at party hotspot Santos Partyhouse. Look out for my clothing line LOLA&SPIKES by spring of 2010! I know most promoters send the same ish to every blog but that is a little suspect.