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We went to therapy for a long time, trying to figure out how to communicate better with each other.

It’s not anything that we dislike about each other.” As for the daughter, the divorcee parents momentarily decided to raise Harper Rose in two separate homes explaining “a healthier choice for all of us.” Despite the then bad news, Storms and Brandon still went on to attend the General Hospital Family in the following weekend of their divorce.

For a while, the family of Kirsten Storm was going fine with husband, Barash, and daughter, Harper.

But it didn't take long for the three to take an eventual toll.

Her fans couldn’t help but get excited about her love life when Kirsten went on to post a picture of her with some familiar guy on the internet.

So what has been the real scene in behind that very moment?

However, they ultimately realized it was too late and that the best decision would be to go in separate ways.

Allegedly, the soap opera stars were known to have tied the knot in somewhere in the year 2013 with an impromptu ceremony at Caesar’s Palace.Storm then got her big break at the age of 13 when she landed a recurring role on the WB’s family series 7th Heaven which later led her to have a leading role in the Disney original film Though Storms is best known for successfully transitioning from a Disney teen star into a major Soap Opera celeb, she has also had a notable voice acting role from 2002-2007.Speaking of which it was Storms who provided the voice of Bonnie Rockwaller for Disney’s hit animated series, Kim Possible.After Storms got Maxie back on the show, the character was to be returned on the show only this time being rather pregnant.Ever since fans knew this made-for-TV plot about Maxie, the people have been wondering all over the internet if Kirsten Storms was really pregnant off-screen. Just like I refuse to turn around and start judging your appearance by the photos you post.

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