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Strangely, that makes it so much fun, and it’s arguably even more of an asset than the action sequences.From the opening dialogue between Frank and returning character Tarconi (played by the fantastic François Berléand) things feel sharper and more self-aware, making the film as a whole immensely entertaining.Even if we've not yet had is also so full of double crosses and betrayals, that anything less than full attention will leave you struggling to keep up, as the F. I find themselves stuck in the middle of a gang war between the Triads and Yakuza.I once made the mistake of watching it as part of a beer and pizza night and after several imbibes had no clue what was going on.So Ji-sub & Im Soo-jung touched my heart so deeply that I still can’t get over this drama.(And So Ji-sub became my no. Goblin/ Guardian: The Lonely & Great God – This serial has everything done so perfectly including story-line, cinematography, acting, songs, etc. The heroine is very unique as she isn’t fragile like other heroine.She is one of the strongest heroine I have ever seen.5.But when you are into the story, its storyline is much better than above those.Basically it's an action drama, but story twists are unimaginable.

Action wise, there’s still plenty of highlights, including the thrilling sight of the two leads going head to head in spectacular fashion, poor Stath being attacked by an axe once more (which bad guys should really know is folly by now) in a bloody showdown and a decent sword fight involving Mr Li.This one has comedy, romance, suspense, thrill, horror, humor, mystery, etc. The story is very intriguing & songs & scenes are truly very nice. This is not so famous, but it's my top faourite. (And Lee Wan became dream-man of all time of K-DRAMA)12.Nine: Nine Times Time-Travel –This is an amazing drama on time-travel with perfect romance between the leads. It’s hard for me to update my own choices in case of K-dramas. I'm sorry I Love You - This serial will remain my most favourite of all time. I never felt so much emotions after watching any other K-drama... Mr Sunshine - I was amazed by the acting of leads in this serial. This one also portrayed social class difference of that era. I never liked Lee Byung-hun for some reason I don’t know, but this time I fall for his eyes.4. This serial is of 2004, so cinematography & making cannot be compared to this time. I loved story-line, cinematography, music, songs, etc. This one has the stronger female lead, even stronger than the male lead.

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