Waikato radiocarbon dating laboratory

The microscopes are used predominantly for research and teaching.The SEM also has commercial applications including the imaging and analysis of contaminants, particularly important in the food, dairy and water industries where quality assurance is important.WAIK services requirements for systematic botanical research and identification of plants for the University, education of University of Waikato students, other government and public organisations, and individuals.

Determinations on prepared CO2 can also be performed.Sample type may range from bacteria and plant material to metal alloys.The TEM facilitates high resolution imaging of crystallographic and structural features of very thin samples.The WSIU provides commercial analyses and also services the needs of scientists at the University of Waikato and their collaborators, promoting the use of stable isotopes in all branches of research.Staff are highly experienced in the use of stable isotopes, both natural abundance and enriched tracers, particularly in biological and environmental research.

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