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Just pull out the wet mess, let the wall dry out for a while and re-install the siding and sheathing.

The installers cannot control the pressure of these products being jammed into your plastered wall cavity.If your goal is to continue loving your old house, make it energy efficient while keeping your costs down, then you absolutely want to blow insulation into the sidewalls.One of the top reasons for exterior paint failure, termites and structural damage to old houses is loose cellulose or fiberglass insulation blown into the sidewalls. After insulating your attic be sure you have good eave-to- roof-peak ventilation.They should only be used with open walls which means losing all your original plaster.Foam expands and the pressure used to install dense pack cellulose properly cannot be controlled within a closed wall.

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This vapor enters the wall through hairline wall cracks, outlets, switches and window trim.

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