Updating antique outboards online dating sober people

Originally documenting the AOMCI Northwoods Chapter's annual meet of antique outboard motor collectors in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, USA, the blog expanded a bit.Edited by Bill Grannis 1) What is my fuel/oil ratio? Fishing motors prior to 1955 commonly used a 16:1 ratio. All in all, you will have a hard time finding a nicer boat from this era! The motor is missing the lower unit, magneto, & fuel pumps. The motor is missing the lower unit, magneto, & fuel pumps.

NOTE: XD-100 is recommended for the operation of oil-injected outboards below 40°F (5°C) and is required for temperatures at or below freezing.

Use only the factory recommended sparkplugs for your motor to avoid engine problems and to comply with EPA emission regulations.

b) Sparkplug recommendations may have changed over the years compared to what was printed in the original manuals. Johnson and Evinrude two-stroke outboard engines perform best with oils are not available, you must use an NMMA® certified TC-W3® outboard motor oil.

Four-stroke Johnson and Evinrude outboards use Evinrude-Johnson Ultra 4-Stroke Oil® or an equivalent lubricant specified in the Operator’s Guide.

For more oil information, go to: , choose ONLINE STORE, click on PARTS.

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