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Also, don’t be afraid to belt out the lyrics with an exaggerated German accent. It’s something you undertake because you have a particular passion for a country or culture. You may feel silly at first, but you’ll be sounding like a native in no time at all. To prove that I know what I’m talking about, see this music video I made (with a pretty terrible accent, and off-key, in true karaoke style but clearly enjoying myself) about a song in German that was popular while I was living in Berlin. If you choose to mix up your learning, you’ll be far less likely to get disheartened along the way. There’s a reason why I’m a massive advocate of getting out of the classroom (or onto the Internet) when studying a language.You’re not going to learn to talk like a native merely from reading a textbook.This may include, for example, improving motor function, social skills, emotions, coordination, self-expression and personal growth (Therapedia, n.d.).

So, you’re more likely to remember foreign words, if you hear them in a song, rather than in conversation.That means you’ll be growing your vocabulary while having fun.And of course, this language hack will give you a wicked advantage over others, the next time you partake in a karaoke session.German is one of the first languages I ever learnt (at school in Ireland and later in Berlin). That said, I remember well how frustrating German could be.How I had to wrap my head around German grammar and memorise the intimidating long words.

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