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This suggests that similar activities occur routinely and it is not a separate act of a person or group of people who hold Saudi citizenship and reside in the United States and who have acted in an individual way.It rather comes under the auspices of a US government program involving most of the friendly countries of the United States – including Saudi Arabia and Israel – and aware of its objectives and stages.This means that the Saudi authorities have allowed companies, which have relations with Israel, to work in the Kingdom in various fields, since the mid-nineties, and that the review is only restricted to special cases related to information security.

Given the content of the US program, the plan has the objective of training young people on leadership within their communities and on international cooperation with their peers in other countries.Another telegram included an article written by the Israeli author in Amir Oren, which referred to Nayef’s article that pointed out that Riyadh is flirting with normal relations with Israel under certain conditions.This confirms that Naif’s article was a test balloon for the reactions of Israel firstly and the Arab media secondly.The document said that Saudi students listened to an explanation by the Israeli embassy staff, posed questions and took photographs.What is remarkable is that the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not raise any objections or warnings in the telegram about this visit, and that it dealt with it routinely, exactly as is the case when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks its embassies around the world about a specific event.

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This has taken a rising trend since 2011 and reached the final acceptance of Saudis of normal relations with the Zionist entity.

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