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Even the ones who won pretty much only succeeded in painting targets on their backs for the next guy. They each got closer to pulling it off than the men who ran the Empire would be comfortable admitting, and more importantly for our purposes, they all made for one hell of a story. We have a wonderfully varied mix of topics this month! I hope it does because otherwise it isn’t doing it’s job properly.Kevin Curran is a Chicago attorney at a non-for-profit agency working with survivors of domestic violence. Join us for a drink (or drinks) as we learn about what happens when your brain freaks out, why your grandmother told you not to leave out potato salad, and how protecting the children from movie influences morphed into mass murder being less scary than a penis. The Vagus Nerve manages your cardiovascular system and your flight or fight responses, but there is so much more.When not at work, he loves musicals, Star Trek, and Ru Paul’s Drag Race, which he is happy to talk to you about at length given the slightest opening. We’ll be talking about how we find antidepressant medications, voodoo deaths, our reptile mode, and that your gut instincts might be caused by bacteria.You can find him online writing theater reviews at and comprehensively analyzing Star Trek with his friend Matt at So have a drink, take a deep breath and relax as we explore some biology behind our psychology.Entrants register a name at the door so we can be ready for you. ( The Women Who Fought Rome (And Almost Won) The Roman Empire lasted in the West for almost a millennium, and over the course of its history, many people from Hannibal to the Huns tried to unseat Rome from the center of the world.

He also has a history of anxiety disorders and panic attacks, particularly involving public speaking. There are plenty of nasties that also like to munch on the same foods humans do, and over the years we’ve learned tips and techniques for stockpiling fresh food to eat later while avoiding unpleasant, and sometimes deadly, consequences. Unlike that time at your thesis defense, drinking and good-natured outbursts are encouraged!If you’d like to give a talk someday but aren’t sure of every step, Nerd Nite Chicago offers Study Hall to guide your way.Attendance implies no obligation to perform, though we certainly encourage people to sign up for a future speaker slot!We are excited and a little grossed out, and we’re bringing our own bar to toast the academic discussions of Easter Island, Fecal Transplants, and Historical Graffiti Our three usual three excellent talks will take place in the hallowed, marble halls of the IMSS, then grab your drink and take a stroll around! And everyone will be too drunk to mock you for reading every letter of every plaque!Tickets are limited by event space, and they’re going fast!

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