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Also at the top of the hill is the “Grand Puits”, known as the “talking well” because of the strong echo from its depths of 150 feet.

The railway station commemorates a more sobering chapter of Monteiro’s history: It was here that Marshal Petain capitulated to Hitler in 1940. You’ve probably never heard of it; indeed, most Parisians have never heard of Troo.We begin on le Loir, a quiet river that weaves amongst French villages untouched by time.Bike along pastoral roads to tiny Troo, where townsfolk live in hobbit-style caves.It has no famous churches or museums, yet over several visits, our hearts have been won over by the quiet charms of this village that time forgot.We’ll leave our bikes at the bottom of the hill while we enjoy lunch at a small cafe, then walk to the top for grand views of the Loir valley, and a visit to the small 12th-century stone church.

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