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The cost of single day reserved parking varies by station and you can make a reservation as late as just before you need to use it.

Buy your Single Day Reserved Permit online now at Select-a-Spot. Check out our Carpool to BART Program with easy app payment.

For security purposes, these permits will only display the date of the first day of the permit reservation and enforcement officers will verify the permit duration electronically.

Buy your (APLT) Airport/Long Term Reserved Permit online now at Select-a-Spot.(APLT) Airport / Long Term Weekend and BART designated Holiday Exception:(APLT) Airport / Long Term reservations beginning and ending on any weekday and spanning a BART designated Holiday, Saturday or Sunday are subject to (APLT) / Long Term parking charges throughout the on-line reservation including the BART designated Holiday, Saturday or Sunday covered throughout the reservation period.

This deducts the daily fee charge from your EZ Rider Parking account only on the days that you park and tag the validation machine.2. A BART Blue ticket is the paper/plastic ticket you receive when you purchase your fare ticket at the station.

You can use cash or a credit card to buy a BART Blue ticket, which can then be used for both your daily parking fee and your BART fare. This website is operated by BART's parking permit vendor, Im Park.

BART offers Single Day Reserved Permit Parking at many stations.

This permit allows riders to purchase a reserved permit for single days and park in the "Permit" Reserved area. You will be required to printout a single day permit for each day of your reservation and display the permit through the front windshield of the vehicle with the permit facing outward and clearly displaying the permit number.

Permits will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Daily Fee Parking: Information | EZ Rider Information & Account Monthly Reserved Permit Parking: Information | Reservations Single Day Reserved Permit Parking: Information | Reservations Carpool to BART Program: Information Airport/Long Term Permit Parking: Information | Reservations Electric Vehicle Parking Permits: Information | Reservations Daily Fee Parking is available on a first-come/first-served basis.

You need to pay a daily fee to park at BART stations.

You must be a roundtrip BART rider in order to park at a BART parking facility. EZ Rider Parking Linked to Your Clipper Card Using a Clipper card makes you eligible for EZ Rider Parking on days you ride BART.

Just set up an EZ Rider Parking account with a credit/debit card and your Clipper card serial number at the BART parking website called "EZ Rider" at https://gov/ezrider/.

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This is the only permit that allows parking in excess of 24 consecutive hours and is subject to parking charges for weekends and holiday periods depending upon the start date and end date of the reservation and is as further explained below.

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