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While balancing child-rearing and work comes into play as before, the issues around divorce are changing.In the past, disgruntled middle-aged husbands often left their wives for younger women. '' A major contributor to that dissatisfaction,'' observed Eliot Nerenberg, a West Hartford lawyer and chairman of the family life division of the Connecticut Bar Association, ''is the sense in midlife that time is running out.'' He continued: '' In the middle years, many people are beginning to realize their mortality.Some people noted that the isolation they felt after divorce was far worse in Connecticut's exurban communities than in its cities.'' I used to live in Weston,'' recalled Fran Kloss, ''and because it was very family-oriented there was nothing there for singles.

Figures from the Federal Bureau of the Census indicate that the number of Americans who divorced between the ages of 40 and 54 in 1995 represented nearly 14 percent of the population, up from 11 percent a decade earlier.While the overall divorce rate in Connecticut has declined slightly since 1992, officials, lawyers and behaviorists attribute much of the rise in mid-life divorce to the social and economic changes of the last three decades.'' People are marrying later and having children later and therefore it's not surprising that they're getting divorced later,'' said Leslie Brett, executive director of the Connecticut Permanent Commission on the Status of Women.And that's especially true in places like Fairfield County, which is very focused on couples and family life.'' Others maintain that dating is difficult for middle-aged women.'' Middle-aged men have a lot more opportunity to meet women because they can date women from a wide range of ages -- from 30 to 50 if they wish,'' said Mr. '' But a 45-year-old woman has a limited dating pool, and often goes out with men who are considerably older.

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