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Cultural historian Lynn Stuart Parramore is calling on tech companies such as Google and Apple to acknowledge the sexist undertones behind their female-voiced digital assistants — and to delete the so-called “she-bots” from existence.

In an Op-Ed for NBC News, Parramore suggested that the rapid proliferation of A. assistants — almost all of which are female — reinforce sexist cultural notions that women should be subservient, obedient, and ever available to respond to the desires of men.

Companies, she notes, have justified the decision to use female voices for their A.

I.’s by pointing to research that shows people prefer listening to female voices.

😉 Just try to ask them for their personal e-mail and you’ll see… ), but also they should not be more than 35 years old…

Let us hope that these “perfect employees,” who are always smiling and available for their customers, will soon be numerous enough to manage to change certain perceptions…

They decrease the volume of calls to expensive call centers, reduce the number of questions sent by e-mail, and invite you to transform your casual visit to a website into a firm purchase.

The perfect applicant is nice, has a beautiful smile, and is reassuring but not flirtatious. A timeless and fashionable look is desired and includes a modern, neat hairstyle.L’azienda afferma che l’anno prossimo presenterà una nuova versione del suo avatar Autodesk Virtual Agent (AVA), con un volto, una voce e un insieme di “emozioni” estremamente realistici forniti da una startup neozelandese di AI ed effetti chiamata Soul Machines.Nato in febbraio come avatar approssimativamente abbozzato su un’interfaccia chat, il makeover CGI di AVA la trasformerà in un personaggio iper-dettagliato, renderizzato in 3D, che Soul Machines chiama umano digitale.In 2011, the jury had to choose among 20 virtual candidates.If you look closely at all of the candidates for Miss Client 2011, you’ll discover two men in the competition, both specialists for bank loans and employee savings.

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