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Some businesses exploit short-lived legal loopholes: for example, trivial drug variants that aren’t illegal Some businesses live in heavily-regulated spaces and are only legal if compliant with the industry-specific rules. Businesses that consistently leave their customers unhappy are bad for the overall integrity of the payment network.

These rules can at times be difficult to verify and enforce online: for example, are we confident that an online pharmacy is checking prescriptions or whether a liquor store app is carding people? Because of that, some consistently-troublesome categories are restricted even though they may be within the law.

We look at businesses individually to determine the overall level of financial risk based on industry, stage of product development and shipment, and overall exposure.

We’re familiar with newer business models (like crowdfunding) and do our best to be permissive.

Behind the scenes, we work closely with payment networks (such as Visa and Mastercard) and banking partners across more than two dozen countries.

In practice, however, every payment involves multiple financial companies whose restrictions may manifest themselves in Stripe.

If you’re going to be accepting large amounts of money for a product or service that’ll be delivered much later, it’s always better to get in touch with us first.

Most service providers aren’t required to closely police usage of their services.

As a result, the decision to support a business is not solely up to Stripe; it involves the various financial companies in the credit card processing chain.

Their restrictions tend to be broad and, as a result, often pretty confusing.

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Financial institutions, however, are obliged under US and international law to actively monitor usage to prevent money laundering and other criminal activity.

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