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It extends along the Pacific coast of North America from the Eel River in northern California (De Witt 1954) to the Prince William Sound area of southeast Alaska, bounded by Gore Point on the Kenai Peninsula (Sumner 1948, 1972; De Witt 1954; Scott and Crossman 1973; Behnke 1992).

The eastern range of the subspecies rarely extends farther inland than 160 km and is usually less than 100 km.

Historically, cutthroat trout were the more broadly distributed species (Behnke 1979, 1992), but in recent years they have been replaced by rainbow trout or other introduced species in many parts of their range.

In addition, they do not develop the brilliant colors associated with inland cutthroat trout.

In sea-run coastal cutthroat trout, spots and colors are further obscured by the silvery skin deposit common to anadromous salmonids.

In the Umpqua River Basin, anadromous, resident, and potamodromous life-history forms have been reported (Trotter 1989, Loomis and Anglin 1992, Loomis et al. Sea-Run or Anadromous This is the best known life-history form of the subspecies, and most of the biological information presented in the following sections was derived from studies on sea-run individuals.

Sea-run trout are the fish petitioned by ONRC et al. Non-Migratory or Resident Some cutthroat trout do not migrate long distances; instead, they remain in upper tributaries near spawning and rearing areas and maintain small home territories (Trotter 1989).

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