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I agree with Ismail Royer: This doesn’t mean I won’t oppose something bad a Christian does, or that I deem all Christian criticism of a Muslims to be unreasonable and unjustified.

Meanwhile, the school – which says its No Outsiders programme was recognised by Ofsted [the national UK education authority] as a key strength in its 2016 report – has been accused by the parents of flagrantly sexualising four-year-olds, while Mr Moffat is seen by them as pushing a singular agenda on the students.Last Friday, this spectacular culture clash saw 600 families in a school of 740 keep their kids at home in protest, with many parents threatening to remove them entirely if the programme isn’t ditched.It all began in December, when reception-age children started coming home saying a teacher had told them “it was ok to be gay, and ok to switch gender”.The boss of Birmingham’s Parkfield Primary School has accused the Department of Education of pressing for an LGBT inclusive anti-bullying programme to be dropped after protests.Parkfield agreed to suspend the No Outsiders programme in March after weeks of angry anti-LGBT protests outside the school, which has continued to be a focal point for the growing backlash against inclusive education.

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You should be aware that Moffat is highly regarded among British educational authorities.

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