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If you’re transported to a facility by ambulance, ask the paramedics to take you to a state-run hospital, if you’re able to do so.Similarly, if you ask hotel staff or a travel representative to arrange medical care for you, make sure you specify that you want to be treated at a state-run hospital or medical clinic.If you want to use your European Health Insurance Card in Latvia, it will only be accepted in state-run medical facilities, such as state-funded hospitals and health centres.If you visit a private medical facility or are treated as a private patient in a state-run hospital, your EHIC will not be valid and you will not be able to obtain subsidised treatment.

You should always bring a copy of your prescription and identity documents so that you can prove you’re in possession of the medication legally.In order to avoid paying costly fees, always make sure that you’re being treated in a state-run facility and that you’re not being treated as a private patient.If you have a valid European Health Insurance Card, you should take it with you whenever you’re travelling to the EU.You should also be aware that the EHIC doesn’t cover all types of medical treatments.If you need any of the following, for example, it won’t be subsidised via the EHIC scheme: In addition to this, the EHIC scheme is only applicable to UK citizens for as long as the UK is in the EU.

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