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Their general look is vaguely reminiscent of koi fish.The two of them appear from an ethereal vortex generated behind the one employing their key.Mercury and Jupiter support each other, and Neptune brings in an element of mystery and fascination that can be helpful, but is also hard to work with.Being a Pisces Woman, you seem to know exactly what to do in order to bring out the best in your Virgo Man.Their bodies are covered in lines crossing their whole length, with each line being flanked by a row of spots; more spots form a single, hinted semicircle above each eye.

With some information and understanding of the dynamics of this relationship, it can easily be a perfect match.This can easily be resolved between you, and the good news is that you never have to tell a Virgo twice.His considerate nature will recoil from the thought of hurting you, and his behavior will amend, turning the criticism into wise advice; this is a gift that you can give him.Both share similar traits, possessing large, wide, open, and round eyes with dark pupils sitting at their heads' sides, and massive mouths with light, thick lips full of squared teeth.A number of fins are also present on their bodies, with a series of long, jagged ones crossing the whole length of their upper part, almost reaching up to the top of their heads, and a smaller, more squared fin located on the ends of their faces, one on each side.

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You'll both receive many benefits from this relationship.

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