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Getting actual gifts is pretty awesome also…here’s a few of the amazing goodies I For the past few years I’ve done public birthday parties and anyone and everyone was always invited.

This year, a couple friends suggested that I do something a bit smaller…so I put on a vintage dress and wiggled my way On Sunday, ELLE & SAMN organized a surprise birthday for one of the most amazing people we know…CEDRIC HAUGHTON.

I would have posted these photos sooner, but my memory card has been playing me – losing photos and what not.

I had to download a pricy program to recover these bad boys and You southern heifer. While you’re spending quality time with the fam-a-lam, shooting guns and drinking moonshine…

Either way, it’s really a great day for over-eating with the people you love I got the invite from ? Their publication is a pillar to New York City, so I couldn’t have been more honored to DJ an event presented by them and TOURNEAU Personally, I think the dude on the right did his best in drag – but Miss Adrienne worked it!!! Since the surgery, her buddy Madison has been acting as Lily’s guide dog.When I got the invite I knew I had to come correct. She was as flawless as a supermodel, had I love Atlanta.I need to stop visiting places when it’s only for work.Shortly after making our way in, we Many thanks to the people who love and support me in my blessed life.It is quite simply, the best gift I could ever ask for.

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