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Talk to that Sim and then Ask On a Date and you're already at the restaurant.The game called Elf Girl Sim Date 2 was released in the year 2007.there is elf girl sim date rpg and elf sim date i think that is what they are called at least so i hope i helped you! i know they have at least 5 naruto games ( one is role playing, two are games where you have to aviod being hit by kunai, and the others are dress up LOL ) and a few death note dress up games...sorry if i didnt Ngelina: Lunar days, memory days, number of days, and if you are a fan of Pacthesis there is also the anime sim dates 2.5 and 2.0 Pacthesis is currently working on the project "Star Days", at the time I am typing up this answer… other fun RPGs there are Love Hina Sim Date and Pico Sim Date Have a sim go to another sim, then click on Ask and then On Date.Because she knows the code to advance further into the shed. To finish the game,you must marry wont of your dates and fight off a guys who also wants her.To beat Cyclops, you first have to charge up the special gauge. To get all the stuff, you must complete the game on a limit of days.Until then, Please Enjoy~ One final thought: I can't beleive someone actually used Nene's hotmail.

Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December 2020. You can call them up on the phone and ask them for a date, and then choose to "Go Out" and pick a restaurant.You could also go ahead and call a Taxi (or Drive) to a restaurant in Town and find a lucky Sim there. And now Pico Has to make Nene fall in love with him before the End of the school year dance! Just wait and talk to her and ask her until she is your girlfriend. Buy at least 1 love and love 2x or two gifts then date.Walkthrough : Work for 20 days then study until you have max intellegence points then aim for your charm. My favorite of their games are the "days sim date" series.

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