Phases of dating and courtship

Here are the 5 stages of courtship, as identified by extensive research. Many people claim to have little or no knowledge of how to flirt, yet true flirting is a nearly instinctive behavior that occurs with no foresight or planning.

Universally, across vastly different cultures and social norms, women flirt with their eyes and heads, opening their eyes a bit wider and tossing their hair.

Grammar, word choice, and other details can bring the pair together or drive them apart.

The dance of courtship is different for every couple, yet its basic patterns are deeply ingrained into us as humans.

Its rituals and routines have survived across cultures, languages, and vastly different societal norms.

If the other person responds in kind, a much deeper connection is established.

In the final stage, the pair begin to synchronize their movements in a delicate, unconscious way.

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