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However, a tasty festive supper is always on the table on this day.Godchildren treat their godparents with a traditional cereal Kutya.Congratulate your lady this day, if she is a teacher, a student or a mother of a schoolchild. People enjoy dressing up in grotesque costumes and getting together in public places, or holding private parties where you're supposed to come wearing a costume.Note that Ukrainian religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter fall on different dates than in other countries.On this day the President addresses the nation, state flags flutter in the streets and the national anthem sounds.And in the evening magnificent festive fireworks will thunder over many cities.

Think over, perhaps children are exactly what is important for you both and it can unite you?According to the tradition, funny games, ice-runs, circle dances and fairs are take place during Maslenitsa. The Orthodox Easter period often occurs later than the Catholic Easter period, because Orthodox church bases its Easter date on the Julian calendar.Ukrainian ladies bake traditional bread «paska» and paint eggs with dye and wax. On the night of the Saturday / Sunday Ukrainian ladies sanctify in church a basket with paskas and eggs.Women's Day is a really big holiday in Ukraine and a very special day for Ukrainian ladies.On this day men congratulate their girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters and thank them for their warmth and care.

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