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I have a bunch of good ones, but I don't feel like I have a very complete collection, so there are a few holes I want to fill before shipping it.Honestly, I'm getting a little tired of making models that no one buys, so I've been prioritizing the CG collections instead. And I would never ever act like how other ppl want me to act.And I know who I am and u most likely don't know who u are so stfu ppl and stop trying to change others for who they are cuz u don't even know your selfs.This project is but a gleam in our eyes at this point, but I'm excited about the possibility.In other news, I'm transitioning into a new dayjob that will have a higher base pay and less overtime, so hopefully will give me more energy and time to work on naughty anthro art.

So as soon as I get over it and just do it, Thieves are pretty close to being ready.

well I'm a artist named Nick and I'm studying to be a video game designer/ animator/ concept artist.

although i have a long way ahead of me i continue to learn everyday!

He has a quick and lazy construction and I'm a little worried that it might have been a little too lazy for a starting point.

But he's definitely going to get to fuck some girls in a CG collection at some point.

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