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We never talk and hardly see each other and her priorities seem to be elsewhere.

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Maybe she's bi with a preference for men and fucks a woman every once in awhile.[quote]Yet he's not talked about. I do think his ex boyfriend David Henrie has a fug nose.

He also enjoyed a romp in the hay with male apprentices.

Regarding Adrien Brody......years ago on another forum (not DL) I read that his mom (a well-known photographer) would tell people that her son was gay and that he had problems getting acting jobs because of it. Lou is far from ugly, in fact he seems like the type aesthetically that a good portion of DL would drool over, Kind of surprised there hasn't been a thread series on him. topic/alt.showbiz.gossip/t9Tn Nz5cd ME (Google Groups, 1998) “ I was at a party last night and Joey Gordon-Levitt came up and new friend of mine said she knows that... I saw him do an interview and was "flirting" with a girl off-camera and it seemed so unconvincing, more like "look at me flirting with this girl.

R98, a friend was an apprentice at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Connecticut, Will hit on all the young cute guys.

Bill Putch (Jean Stapleton's husband), owned the Totem Pole Playhouse in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

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In fact, there's no way he hasn't been on Data Lounge; he's too sassy. It would have been a joy to welcome longtime ally Andrew Garfield into the family before this recent kissing "joke" that seems to be solely for publicity.

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