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Purchase Alcatraz tickets as far in advance as possible, up to 90 days.

The roster of Alcatraz inmates read like an America's Most Wanted list.

Just southeast of the Eiffel Tower is a grassy expanse that served as the site of the world's first balloon flights.

Today, the area is frequented by skateboarding teens and activists stating their views on the current state of France.

A visit to Alcatraz is more than just seeing the inside of an old prison.

The popes were among the very first royalty to open their vast art collections to public viewing.

Today the Colosseum has set the model for all modern-day stadiums, the only difference being today's teams survive their games.

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The world’s famous Colosseum was built in 80 AD for the Roman emperors to stage fight to-the-death gladiator battles and hunt and kill wild animals, whilst members of the general public watched the violent spectaculars.

Entry was free, although you were seated according to your social rank and wealth.

Gladiatorial games were banned in 438 AD; the wild beast hunting continued until 523.

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