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Batista is also said to have dated Rebecca Di Pietro, a backstage interviewer for the ECW brand, who many likely don't remember.In addition, Batista has also claimed that he has dated the likes of Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes, but details on the lengths of those relationships aren't known as Batista hasn't specified the length of either.All it takes is one night, one dream, and one girl to change everything. All Ted knows is that she's perfect, and he has to find her. Will Maryse finally find her savior or will she let her fear get the better of her?

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I am hopeful that Maryse will get another run in the WWE since she not only is the hottest diva to come along in a long time, but she has a lot more to offer. 3 Hours VG-EX Quality The third volume in the career of Maryse and it from July 19, 2011 through January 31, 2011.

She looks as hot as ever as she becomes a prominent character in the WWE (and her dresses appear to get shorter and shorter).

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