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The healing properties are found mainly in the extra virgin olive oil (and virgin olive oil), which is naturally produced, unrefined oil (also called "cold pressed"); while the active ingredients of the second type, known as "pure oil" or "olive oil", were badly destroyed by the chemical processes used to extract the oil.According to recent research extra-virgin olive oil contains a natural painkiller similar to does.In fact the first commercial advert in the world was said to have been a Carthaginian oil lamp which went for sale for one penny.Dates at various stages: yellow when first ripen, dark brown when mature, black-dark-red as date syrup (rreb).

In special occasions and for those who still follow the old tradition, the tea is first poured into another mug, and then using two mugs, one continuously empties the content of one mug into the other and then back into the original mug for at least twenty or thirty times, to produce what the Libyans call or foam, which is steadily added to one glass at a time as being made.

After meals, the Libyans traditionally always use green tea to aid digestion, and also help eliminate stomach problems after a heavy meal. Green tea is better for you, especially when drank without milk.

Adding milk destroys much of the powerful effects of its antioxidants.

Sahara's slim and dignified Tuareg can easily live on dried dates and fresh milk provided by the palm and the goat respectively.

Date syrup, olive oil, and boiled dough make one of the most ancient and popular dishes in Libya: "a'eish", "utshu" or "bazin" -- names which also mean "food" and "life". The sand in Libya gets really hot in the summer that walking slowly on it with bare feet becomes unbearable; one needs to walk fast just like some walk on embers.

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One of the main components of tea are antioxidants.

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