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Since the gameplay is all about hooking up - whether gauzy romance, sexual conquest or something in between - the challenge to the designer is creating a framework that make the characters and scenarios meaningful and plausible.

That's why I've always enjoyed dating sims and eroge, as the weird narrative backflips they employ are sometimes surprisingly touching, other times borderline absurd, yet always fascinating.

Most people, though, enjoy the friction of the chase, and effectively creating it through narrative and choice design is one of the fundamental challenges for people who want to make games about romance.

Fortunately, indie designer Anna Anthropy specializes in friction.

Try on a lesbian strap-on or take control of your submissive girlfriend wherever & whenever.

Double Homework Episode 2 Chapter 2 of this sexy adventure game.

The story is about a guy living together with two hot girls named Johanna and Tamara.

With over 100 sex positions and lesbian sex toys, you will never need to try anything else.

Our simulators are so real you will taste the pussy.

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