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Casey for those that forgot was the ditzy blonde who did pagents and told one of the boys that one of the girls, I think it was Alex had an STD.I think this is the brother Casey talked about that played minor league baseball.Laguna Beach, Calif., natives, longtime friends and reality TV stars Kristin Cavallari and Doug Reinhardt have crossed into new territory and are now dating.That's according to the always-reliable Radar Online, which reports that the couple took "their blossoming new romance" out on the town over the weekend. Lindsay Lohan claims, via Twitter, that she was punched by a waitress at L. club Voyeur early Friday."A waitress just hit me - punched me for no reason," Linds wrote around 1 a.m.The popular gay men's social network / meetup site referenced in Paris Hilton's anti-gay comments has Tweeted a response ... If you missed it, Paris was secretly recorded in a cab with a gay male friend, going off on how gays are horny, disgusting and probably AIDS infected. there's a story floating around online that Doug Reinhardt co-starred in a NEW Paris Hilton sex tape.But Doug, who broke up with the HO-tel heiress earlier this year, says the story, first reported by Zach Taylor (dot) com, is totally bogus." the ho-tel heiress told Us Weekly at Wednesday's Project A. Sharing several photos of their sons, like the one showing them taking the twins home after two weeks in NICU, Reinhardt announced Mom and Dad named them Maverick and Beau.

We’ve created such an amazing family life together, thank you forever! TMZ reported that she was charged with felony assault and battery and arrested in Paradise Valley in Arizona. During the process, they decided to destroy the embryos which they had frozen and stored at a reproductive center in Beverly Hills.

The couple revealed that Mia is expecting identical twin boys.

Casey Beau Brown hosted a glamorous celebration for the to-be-parents couple at the home of Casey in Newport Beach, California.

Some of the design details: dense, lush landscaping with a wrought-iron gate leading to a patio with a heated floor, a 16-foot, backlit water wall and a water sculpture with a five-foot encased bell, designed by Anaheim water artist Nayer Kazemi."It's a showstopper," Roberts said.

The design, which Roberts' wife Kelly managed, took a year.

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The good news is that The Hills star Doug Reinhardt is going to be a father soon!

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