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The three make camp and sleep through the night, but Dax is awoken by a scuffle between Kor and Worf.The fight between them stops momentarily after Toral and his men arrive.Michael Dorn had joined the cast at the beginning of season four, but his character was not featured prominently in the first eight episodes of the season because they had been scripted prior to confirmation that Dorn would be joining the show.

As they travel through the caves, the Klingons begin to be affected by the prestige of the sword.

After they depart the planet, Kor and Worf realize that if the sword divided two men as honorable as they, it would do the same to the Klingon Empire, so they beam it into space, leaving it to drift until the Klingon Empire is ready for it.

"The Sword of Kahless" was the first Deep Space Nine (DS9) episode to predominantly focus on Worf.

The story was created by Richard Danus and was turned into a teleplay by Hans Beimler.

The episode was directed by Star Trek: The Next Generation alumnus Le Var Burton, and featured the return of John Colicos as Kor.

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As they are about to leave, Worf discovers a secret chamber containing the sword.

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