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The Book of Acts ends with the apostle Paul being alive in Rome, his death not being recorded. 30, which would make the composition of Luke at the latest within thirty years of the events. Robinson, Redating the New Testament, London, SCM Press, 1976 A.

This would lead us to believe that it was written before he died, since the other major events in his life have been recorded. 64, then the Gospel of Luke, to which Acts was a sequel, had to have been composed some time before that, probably in the late fifties or early sixties of the first century. The early Church generally taught that the first Gospel composed was that of Matthew, which would place us still closer to the time of Christ.

The Book of Acts records the missionary activity of the early Church and was written as a sequel by the same person who wrote the Gospel according to Luke.For what should have been dependent turned out to be earlier.This is a greatly oversimplified account, which would doubtless also be challenged by other archaeologists.The immediate effect was greatly to extend the time span.Renfrew sums up the impact thus The succession of cultures which had previously been squeezed into 500 years now occupied more than 1,500. challenged in any way the conventional view that the significant advances in the European neolithic and bronze age were brought by influences from the Near East. There were indeed uncomfortable exceptions, but these could be put down to minor inconsistencies that later work would tidy up.

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