Is celexa stimulating or sedating

The evidence suggests that it works at least in moderate depression but maybe less effective in severe depression.It provides an option when the patient is unable to tolerate anything else.Other factors to consider include: Some people experience withdrawal effects after missing 1 or 2 doses, especially when using a drug with a short half-life (e.g. At the end of a treatment course, taper antidepressant over several weeks and monitor for withdrawal symptoms. SSRIs are relatively activating and usually best given as a single daily dose each morning.Routine use of doses above those recommended rarely increases antidepressant effect.

It is not unusual for anxious patients to have more anxiety during the titration of SSRIs.

Higher doses are necessary for treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Nortriptyline is less sedating, and less likely to cause hypotension or anticholinergic effects than amitriptyline, dothiepin, doxepin and trimipramine.

Choice of antidepressant is also based on individual patient factors.

If a patient has responded well to an antidepressant in the past then that drug should be considered first choice. epilepsy, cardiovascular disease and bipolar disorder will also influence choice.

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