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Check out Introvert for more expert advice, inspiration, resources for personal development, and stories by introverts and highly sensitive people like you. Look for her first book, The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World, in spring 2017.There are a number of things about you that might make people take a step back. Your unique personality may be intimidating people.When you look inward, challenge the stories you’ve been telling yourself about those who intimidate you, and use your voice, you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities and reclaim your personal power.Introvert, Dear is on a mission—to let introverts and highly sensitive people know it’s okay to be who they are.Here are 20 signs your unique personality is intimidating others.While being someone people can count on should be a good thing, many people are intimidated by the idea that you do what you said you would do.What stories are you telling yourself about this person? You may find that underneath their scary exterior, there’s a person. Recognize your similarities rather than focusing on your perceived differences.What assumptions are you making about them and your relationship? Also, realize that even the most challenging people are struggling with their own insecurities (which may manifest as aggressiveness or insensitivity).

They fail because the cheat their way into situations where they can’t perform well enough to succeed.Some find this cocktail works for them, at least for a while.Time seems to catch up to these types, as the complexity, difficulty, and nuance becomes more characteristic of the daily work.Get yourself in the right headspace for the interaction.When possible, prepare and rehearse what you’d like to say beforehand to avoid fumbling over your words or being silenced.

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Intimidation is an advanced form of bullying is actually a shortcut for those too lazy to put into the effort, or not competent enough to get the results that are desired.

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