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Over the past few years of running this blog, I’ve been able to achieve conversational fluency in languages like Russian, Korean and Irish with virtually no grammar study. I achieved this through a method I call chunking which I developed on the back of Michael Lewis’ Lexical Approach (an ESL methodology).

I stand by my belief that you do not need to study grammar in order to learn to speak a foreign language. To sum up how this works very briefly, languages are not just a system of rules to be memorized. We take words, collocations, phrases and sentences that we’ve heard countless times throughout our lives and we piece them together like blocks – almost everything we say in our first language is completely .

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The goal with what I’m doing is to work on acquiring proficiency through frequent exposure to high-frequency chunks (whether they be particular word forms, collocations or phrases).So when translating Koine Greek, we can’t escape the fact that the grammar is truly important to learn. With modern languages, we don’t by learning how to become a translator like we do with ancient languages like Koine.Imagine walking into your first French lesson and being handed a curriculum for advanced French translation on day one: That’s essentially what we do with NT Greek courses.So the big question is: How do we avoid treating Koine Greek like a code-breaking exercise?If you’ve followed me for a long enough time then you’re probably already familiar with how I approach modern languages.

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As native speakers, we’ve learned to plug the right pieces into the right places according to what we’ve heard countless times, whereas a non-native speaker attempts to put pieces where they don’t fit based on assumptions (because they haven’t had the same length of exposure that we have).

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