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The show is so genuine, I thought I was watching a sweet, next-door newlywed couple.

I have filming with Min Ho today, and it may get awkward.

[ 2,303, -78] Why would a married person do this...?

[ 208, -6] This is so, how do I put it, disrespectful...; 5. [ 180, -3] Are things not going well with her husband these days? [ 165, -5] Something about this couple feels off.... [ 155, -7] This is just declaring a face off with her husband. maybe because their husbands are all younger than them but there's something about the way they treat them that makes it seem like they don't see them as equal partners but someone below them. [ 116, -1] Why would Ahn Jae Hyun put up with this?

Just because two people are close, it doesn't mean they have to go out."-ASIANFANATIC-whatever is it,i still love watching BOF haha x D kim hyun joong~ auwww and they are sweet couplee!

Article: Goo Hye Sun, "My new novel is about my dating experiences with men before Ahn Jae Hyun" Source: Mydaily via Nate 1.

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