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But Megan's bizarre half-Quebecois status didn't really bother me last season.

With Sunday night's opening episode of season six, however, the gap between Megan's character on screen and how a French Canadian woman in New York would have experienced that period has passed beyond what I can bear. 1968 is a big year in a lot of histories, of course.

Both the nascent nationalism and Trudeau's uniquely open-minded cosmopolitanism — his wife was caught partying with the Rolling Stones — were products of what was called "The Quiet Revolution" when the province threw off its Catholic heritage and embraced modernity in all its complications.

Megan's father, if he were a Marxist professor, would have been right in the thick of these debates.

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Besides the Québécois, distinct French speaking ethnic groups in Canada include the Acadians of the Maritime Provinces, the Brayons of New Brunswick, and the Métis of the Prairie Provinces, among other smaller groups. Most French Canadians reside in Quebec, and are more commonly referred to as Quebecers or Québécois, although smaller communities exist throughout Canada and in the United States.Calvet is not a particularly French Canadian last name, and "Megan" is in no way French Canadian. Or Marie-Therese or Marie-Angelique or Marie-Catherine. Then there was the fact that Megan and her parents do not speak French Canadian French. Needless to say, I'm not the first Canadian to notice these discrepancies.It's as if Roger Sterling's mother arrived in a scene and spoke in a thick Australian accent.And the thing that is so frustrating to me is that the history of Quebec in that period is so close thematically to what is happening in Mad Men.The Quiet Revolution would be a viable subtitle to the show.

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I cannot stomach Megan's indifference — that's my objection.

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