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So I spent my last few credits sending her a page of ” $#&* you scammer” and a photo of my middle finger extended. You As you see, the company has both positive and negative reviews.

No need to translate as I posted my letter in Russian and the photo, well, that speaks a universal language I think. This is normal for me because not every Western man finds his destiny from Russia or Ukraine on the Internet.

As for me, if a dating site contains information about the owners, it’s a positive sign for the company.

So on their online dating experience they run this site.

But it is not so important; what customers are saying about this site is much more important.

Because I have never used their services, I cannot recommend you to use this site.

So you have to make your own decision if you want to use the services of or not.

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Almost every International dating/marriage/matchmaking agency presents Ukrainian and Russian women as angels who dream to be house holders and have no personal wishes.

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