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There are notifications that you can enable regarding the actions and thoughts of other members, along with the live stream and a constantly updating dashboard showing what other members are up to.

There are other ways to connect with members such as utilizing the search option in your browser as well as a ‘Hot or Not’ game that allows you to chance to select those members whom you are attracted to.

It’s important to realize that this website is geared to those users who are looking for casual, intimate encounters rather than a deep and serious relationship.

On your personal profile, you have the option of uploading up to five pictures of yourself.

Over 100,000 members visit and use the website every day making it a well-trafficked entity.

Because the website relies heavily on a person’s looks and attractiveness, over 150,000 unique photos have been uploaded to so that men and women on the site can show off what they can offer to other members discreetly.

It was founded in 1996 making it two decades old in terms of its’ existence.

is free to join and use with a simple interface when you go to the main page of the website.

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