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She was the domineering force in the life of a weak-minded Cole, who was the dim-witted member of Martin’s crew.

Even when Cole wanted to end their relationship, he could not.

Part of the reason I find Joanne the Scammer to be so refreshing is because she aspires to be a version of white womanhood, in addition to the fact that the actor who plays her, Brandon Miller, actually identifies as LGBTQ.

(And of course, her commitment to a feminism that seeks reparations by scamming men and white folks out of money.)In the entertainment industry, Black women are villainized or caricatured unless they fall into an extremely narrow window of desirability.

The truth is that caricatures of Black womanhood from men are usually more harmful to women.

They rely on tropes about Black women being ghetto, uncivilized, and unattractive; stereotypes that Black women still have to fight against everyday. Black Instagram comedians use Black women as characters so much that it’s not uncommon for them to be hired to promote weave companies.

She towered over Cole by at least two feet in height and was only ever shown from the neck down during her rare appearances.

And this representation did not start or end with Madea., were a thing.

The text remains a wake up call to those who equate size with worth, believe the dieting industry’s false promises and can’t understand why fat women can’t or won’t just eat a bit less and move a bit more to lose weight. On many dating sites you can simply filter out certain body types, as if people are simply walking chunks of flesh divided into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, not complex personalities.

It’s always in the back of my mind that men’s biggest online dating fear is that a woman will be fat.

I never made it to one of his sold-out shows, but bootleg versions of the DVD releases always found their way into my home.

Adorned in his wig, muumuu, and huge fake breasts, Perry parlayed his way into the multimillion dollar film empire that is still thriving today.

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