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“Petitioner’s claim that his statements are absolutely protected by the Constitution because they are expressions of eligious beliefs do not merit any consideration.

“Though religion is arguably a matter or subject of public interest, there is no standard by which we can declare petitioner’s statements as fair commentaries.And until now, I feel relieved deep inside my heart. I used to hear other teachings before, but what I’m listening to now is really different. We really need to show charity, live by what we have heard, because it’s all true. Nine years later, the program held its Latin America Broadcast.Today, the program which has started from only one dialect is now being heard in more than 70 countries in five languages.On their own, the words used by petitioner do not appear to debunk the purported falsities in the preachings of JMCIM but actually to degrade and insult their pastor or founder, Almeda,” the SC said.However, while the tribunal affirmed the conviction of Soriano in Almeda’s case, it junked the other libel case pertaining to his statements against “persons comprising” JMCIM in the same radio show.

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