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Don´t know what you wrote on these forums, but it´s easy to be misunderstood on the Internet. We are talking real life here, who are you as a person. If you say that you care about xyz and animals (if you really do) then that is a clue. There is no sense in it and unless you uphold good conduct it might create negative or wrong views in the minds of others towards Dharma in general. it doesn't say a thing about who you are, and personally, I'd be suspicious. Its best to refrain from talking about or displaying ones practice.

I know at least five people I've worked with over the years who met their mate online. They think I'm a liar I do have a job working for the federal gov't and do own my own car & do live in an apartment too btw.... Women are not attracted to insecure men and can sense it really easily. I belong to an online site and try to get date ladies but as I've clearly explained my position, ladies seem to just not care! Especially when I'm being honest by stating "I'm not a fanatic or weirdo"?????? If you are not, there is no reason to try to convince anyone otherwise because it will be apparent that you are not. Even if you are really intelligent, kind, compassionate, and have money, a job, and a car, without social status many women will be very reluctant to date you because they will think "Whats secretly wrong with him that he has no friends or cannot make any friends? Since this is in the ethical conduct forum, you should consider what level of Dharma vows you wish to hold and maintain, and whether or not your Dharma goals are in line with your worldly, dating goals.

How would I go about actually buying those texts that Vajranatha mentions? I'm a disabled vet who has a screwed up spine and can't have a gleaming 6 pack of abs! Many western women demand a lot of time, attention, money and praise.

For me personally these things are not in line with my practice so I refrain from dating because spending lots of money to impress a girl is not really on my list of things to do.

Be a good person and do things you like, you will run into your lady if it's in your cards. As for a dating website or Facebook, simply listing yourself as a "Buddhist" without any additional qualifications should suffice.

When you hang out with people you can see how people are in all sorts of situations before you get involved. The reason why I think that people would think I'm a bigot or liar is that on online things, people who are very spiritual can be viewed as "He thinks he's got the way or is above it all" or "He's too good to be true, he's lying, he's got something to hide." I'm serious, ANYTHING can be thought by people...period. But if you wear it in order to show the world you are a Buddhist, thats only attachment and is contrary to ones purpose in practicing Dharma.

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