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She was the face of Joop, Slix and Lejaby fashion campaigns.

In those years, she shot lots of editorial for Vogue, Elle, Grazia.

She was put on drips for five hours every day while the surrounding tissue was cleared of infection, and even had a tube inserted into her chest that she had to carry around.

Say what you will about her music, maybe disagree with her asthetics, but there is one thing that is very certain if you have been following her career over the last few years: Leng Yein has an insane work ethic.

However, last night things took a turn for the dark, with Leng Yein posting a pleading Facebook live video, telling her followers that she was under great distress, that someone was forcing themselves into a room, and that they had turned off the Wi-Fi.

Perhaps reaching a breaking point of frustration, four hours later she posted a lengthy statement claiming abuse from her partner that had spanned the last two years, along with painful photos of the damage he is said to have inflicted. Threats were made on her life, and on that of her family’s.

She created a sensation in 1987 when she became the iconic Cadbury's Flake girl.Debbie has worked with Laraine Ashton throughout the 80's and 90's.She was the face of Joop, Slix and Lejaby fashion campaigns and starred in TV and film productions like "Bullseye! Debbie and Roger Taylor lived together for 15 years and had three children, Rufus Tiger (born on 8th March 1991), Tiger Lily (born on 10th October 1994) and Lola Daisy May (born on 9th April 2000) before splitting on 2004.Deborah Jayne Leng Burguess (born on April 6th 1963 in Newton Ferrers, Devon, England) was an international model and actress. She started her modelling career for Laraine Ashton under the artistic name of Debbie Du-Bell in 1982.Debbie has worked with Laraine Ashton throughout the 80's and 90's.

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