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However, with a static website, this problem is eliminated because there is no dynamic content. Also, a static website eliminates the use of a database to store its content and can be loaded faster.

I was able to successfully upload and files and the process worked perfectly.Here’s what I saw when trying to upload an file: Word Press has the best media handling of any major publishing platform, but there are inconsistencies with some file types, and the documentation is not always accurate.Word Press is one of the leading CMSs (Content Management Systems) today and powers over 30% of the websites all across the globe. This becomes simplified when you even choose Word Press Hosting for your Word Press website.Coho salmon have been shown to be extremely sensitive to development; spawning effectiveness begins to drop when 5% of the watershed is made impervious (roofs and pavement).The Judd Creek watershed is currently estimated at 2.2% impervious, making it an excellent candidate for preserving this salmon run.

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