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Jonah learns his lesson, however, when God uses a wind, a gourd and a worm to teach him that He is merciful.

Date of Writing: The Book of Jonah was likely written between 793 and 758 B. Purpose of Writing: Disobedience and revival are the key themes in this book.The free offer of the Gospel is for all people in all times.Our task as Christians is to be the means by which God tells the world of the offer and to rejoice in the salvation of others.Just as Jonah brought the truth of God regarding repentance and salvation to the Ninevites, so too does Jesus bring the same message (Jonah 2:9; John 14:6) of salvation of and through God alone (Romans ). What He wishes to accomplish through us will come to pass, despite all our objections and foot-dragging.Ephesians reminds us that He has plans for us and will see to it that we conform to those plans.

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