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Marilyn Helston as the lame boy, sang and acted her part with tine artistry, especially in the chorus. Other fine performances were given by Joan Cameron, as the dream lady, Florence Faiers, as the prologue, and Peter Mundie a.s the townsman. keeps Jewish residents confined in an assembly area after a curfew relaxation period. John Warken - line and Ernest Wider, as The Corporation, provided fine musical moments throughout the opera. Cleanser widely known in Canada were tested on greay, toiled turf ace. j ill u y i i ft ft ,'i X2 ., J X N, MARTIAL LAW: A British soldier, armed with a long knife, stands behind a barbed wire barricade in the Mea Shearim section of Jerusalem as he. suited in the bylaw being sent back to council without change. were found In paintings and murals, which can only be dated around 300 A. I Jewish festive days were shown.' Professor Sukenik showed a pic - An excavated throne was believed ture of a city wall bearing paint - ' to be that of King Solomon. : fa J : "S W ar " Texas Marsh seedless White Cyl Pink (o! Opposition to the bylaw was voiend In council by Aid. She succeeded In perfection of de tails, receiving fine support from all members of the large cast. Leithead Gets Posthumous Wings Word was received last week from Ottawa by Mrs. 2 firehall on Smith st., was recommended by public safety committee Wednesday on the suggestion of fire chief D. Chief Boulden told committee that several years ago, plans were prepared for a one - storey three - stall fire station, to cost in the neighborhood of ,000.

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