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Once you’ve watched a few bouts, you’ll get the general hang of it, and before you know it, you’ll be schooling the newbies sitting next you in the stands.

And down the road, don’t be surprised if one day you find yourself at, trying to penetrate the confounding intricacies of the forearm penalty.

If she’s not willing to skip a practice or a bout now and then for date night, her priorities might not be in the right place.

As long as you’re both honest about expectations and limits, your derby couple-ing should work well. If you already have a hobby that you love, you’re going to be able to dedicate a lot of time to it, because roller derby is going to keep your partner busy.

If she plays at a mid or high level of competition, she is going to need to be fit and fast to keep her spot on the team, so she’s going to be motivated to work out. If you’re already a fitness geek, you might be the extra motivation that she needs, or if you’ve been meaning to get back into shape, you’ve now got a built-in gym buddy! Every league is different – some are harmonious love-fests, some are spicy hot pots.

Bouting is only a small fraction of the time she spends on skates – she’s usually at derby practice, putting in her 10,000 hours.

No matter what your level of involvement in derby is going to be, you’re going to be at a lot of bouts.

Derby is always more fun with friends, so looks like it’s time for you to find your derby “wife”!

Your girl might find herself in the middle of one of these disagreements from time to time, especially if she’s involved in the higher-level management of the league.

She may even bring some of this tension home with her and will probably need somewhere to vent.

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