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Photographs are researched by working with the format or type of mount, the type of photograph, the props in the photograph, the fashions people are wearing and the hairstyles of the men and women.A detailed analysis can be made often suggesting a special occasion such as a marriage, engagement, christening or even a death in the family whereby the person may be wearing mourning dress.Many photographs of soldiers were taken during World War I and were sent home in postcard form.Studio photographers are sometimes stated on the mount or stamped on the back of photographs and in some cases can be researched to reveal the studios operational dates.Guys hoping to get noticed on online dating sites should take off their shirts, at least those with six-pack abs, according to new survey results by one online matchmaker that also provide advice for gals' profile pics."We were sitting on a treasure trove of data," said Sam Yagan, co-founder and CEO of Ok Cupid.''There are millions of experiments essentially happening on our site every day."Yagan and his colleagues catalogued more than 7,000 profile photographs from Ok, looking at facial attitude, such as whether the person is smiling; context of photo, such as whether the image was taken outdoors or in a bedroom; and how much skin is bared.Just look at some of the photographs of US presidents dating the 1850s and 1860s!

The data didn't include the most and least attractive photos in order to just look at certain photo factors rather than the attractiveness of the person.

There are examples of candids in the 1880s and 1890s, but it really took off in 1900 with the introduction of the Kodak Brownie, which practically anyone could afford. Many people also seem to think that pre-20th century, photographs didn't have much fine detail to them.

And while it's true that many surviving photographs from the 19th century don't have much fine detail, that doesn't mean the technology didn't exist to capture it.

Occupational and military photographs can be dated and analysed revealing a wealth of information about the photograph.

Military and occupational photographs reveal the persons occupation or the regiment of a soldier, along with a timeframe when they served or worked.

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Many people seem to think that in history, the length of time required to take or expose a photograph was so long, one wasn't able to smile or move.

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