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You can use the sign as a separator to create Gmail aliases or you can use any of your existing email addresses as a Gmail alias.

According to a recent Consumer Reports Online Dating Survey of more than 114,000 subscribers, among the respondents who were considering online dating but were hesitant, 46 percent said they were concerned about being scammed. “Typically the scammer builds trust by writing long letters over weeks or months and crafting a whole persona for their victims,” says David Farquhar, Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI.

Plus, you can create filters to tell Gmail what to do with the messages sent to each of these new addresses.

This Gmail separator trick is also a great way to pinpoint sources of spam in your inbox and block them.

Now, you can share/use any number of new distinct email addresses with a simple trick.

All you have to do is append a special Gmail separator—the (plus) sign—to your username, followed by any keyword of your choice.

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