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Since the line’s introduction on April 7, the panties have sold out. Toledano are part of an all-female creative collective founded by Petra Collins called the Ardorous that explores feminist topics from a millennial point of view through collaborative and solo art projects. “What’s sexy for us is being natural and comfortable,” Ms. And if seducing a man isn’t the goal, it can be a welcome side effect.“I think there’s a widespread misconception that men are into pearl thong, lace contraptions,” said Ms. “To be honest, men are into girls in T-shirts and white underwear.”It’s a notion mainstream lingerie companies have been slow to embrace.Besides sales, the “feminist underwear” has inspired countless Instagram “belfies” (that’s a selfie for the behind) from Me and You customers eager to show off their feminist convictions as well as their pert posteriors. For the generation that counts both Beyoncé and Lena Dunham as feminist icons, female sexuality is wielded for one’s own pleasure.“Most lingerie is designed to appeal to a man,” Ms. As the gender gap among owners of small businesses continues to narrow, female entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly empowered to fill the void in the market. Simpkins, who previously worked as a counselor to young girls at Mc Lean Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Belmont, Mass.The name, Hello Beautiful, is meant as an affirmation.She already counts Chloë Sevigny, an arbiter of all things cool, as a fan.So what pieces are all over the streets of NYC this summer?Just keep scrolling to see and, of course, shop all seven of them.When Greer Simpkins, 28, began doing research for her own lingerie line, she visited a Victoria’s Secret store in New York to observe how women shopped for underwear.“I noticed that a lot of women would come in with a friend, and they’d be asking: ‘Do you like this? “They’d be thinking about everyone else but themselves,” an attitude she thought the store encouraged.She was also frustrated with how many trends, colors and frills the lingerie industry pushed each season.“Most women just want something basic for every day that will make them look and feel good,” she said. Simpkins introduced an underwear line with just one design: a white cotton panty with an unusually high cut and narrow back.

If it’s been at least a year, then you need to replace your bra....

Track-inspired nylon shorts are the latest micro-trend on our radar, and NYC girls are all over it.

They're perfect for beating the heat but looking cool, and you can wear them with other sporty separates or juxtapose the shorts with a feminine and polished pieces like Leandra Medine.

Once the sole province of pubescent underwear models and Rio de Janeiro beach bunnies, thongs, it seems, have quietly made it into the mainstream.

Sisqo's racy video aside, the thong is going from a flag of sexual provocation to a common item in the lingerie drawer of even modest women.

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